Download TenTrix

Whenever a new game goes viral, millions of intrigued players hurry to check it out. Unfortunately, many opportunistic individuals try to take advantage of the situation. They create fake websites claiming to provide exactly what the fans are looking for. But in reality, clicking on such links only leads to countless pop-up ads. For instance, if someone attempted to download TenTrix, they would inevitably encounter knock-offs and scams. And that’s very unfortunate, considering how good the official product actually is. This article will save newcomers some grief by explaining how to get the legitimate build.

Assembling the Puzzle

Tentrix download nowThe uninitiated are probably wondering whether this title is even worth the trouble. Perhaps, a quick overview will convince them to give it a shot. As the name suggests, this brain teaser was inspired by Tetris. But unlike the timeless classic, it allows for a more deliberate positioning of the pieces. The idea is to drag various shapes onto a 10x10 board. Forming complete vertical and horizontal lines clears them from the screen and awards points. The process is surprisingly addicting and highly entertaining. The project was released on multiple platforms:

  • iPhone and iPad owners should look for it on the AppStore

  • The Android alternative is available on Google’s app market

  • Desktop and laptop users can opt for a PC-friendly version

Although the latter option is quite popular, it tends to create some confusion. Let’s clear everything up and shed some light on the matter.

Where to Download TenTrix for Windows and Mac

Most people still find the concept of cloud-based gaming alien. They prefer installing their favorite programs locally to maximize their performance. What they fail to understand is that modern web technologies are very advanced. A normal browser like Chrome or Firefox is fully equipped to handle pretty heavy workloads. Let alone basic 2D applications that require minimal resources. Getting back to the issue at hand, there is no need to store this gem locally. Instead, simply launch it in a regular tab. It will run without any hiccups and won’t occupy any space on the hard drive.

With this information, everyone will be able to download TenTrix for their device of choice. Play this wonderful time-killer whenever convenient regardless of the circumstances. Stack the blocks tightly without leaving any gaps and set record high scores.

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